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Share Local Renewable Energy

Local people in your community are generating cheap, renewable power on their roofs and in their backyards.

They often produce too much power to use themselves.

Everyone can benefit from green local electricity generation. P2 finds these people for you and lets you buy their excess power directly.


Why P2?

Here at P2, we want to make a real positive impact to your bill, community and the planet. By breaking down the barriers to cleaner, cheaper energy we make solar a viable option for you, without the expense of panels.

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P2 prioritises local, renewable sources. Less carbon-based fuel powering your home means a cleaner future for ourselves and our polar bear friends.

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Cheaper than your average power plan. An average household with the largest electricity retailer in Central Auckland would save $86/year by switching to P2 Power.*

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We use real half hour smart meter matching so you know you are genuinely sharing green power. Whenever you use power, we find local generators nearby who are exporting renewable electricity to the grid at the same time.

Don't Just Take Our Word For It...

I’m proud to be part of the P2 Power network because it’s an investment in community renewable energy and it’s saving me money at the same time.
— Robert, St Mary's Bay
Fantastic concept and a real winner in my view. Clean, sustainable energy is an absolute must, we’ve been poisoning the planet long enough and it’s time we all started doing something/anything possible to help. Love what you’re doing here.
— Peter
I really like that I get to see where my power came from and how much of what I used was generated locally.
— Alix, Mount Eden
P2 POWER is an amazing power company. I love being able to buy solar power without having panels myself - great for renters. The prices are very competitive and the customer service is outstanding. I had only great customer service via email and phone, it always felt like I was talking to my neighbour or a friend. They were always helpful with resolving any issues (on my end not theirs, I never had any issues because of them). The informative emails are great with keeping you up to date and knowing where you are getting your power from is of course a bonus. I HIGHLY recommend to any one. A+++
— Micaela
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