Our innovative PowerPal app helps you access cleaner, more affordable energy and rewards you for using it.

Whether you want to reduce your carbon footprint or reduce your bills, PowerPal allows you to make a real positive difference.

How it works

Step 1: Personalise
Set up your own goals: cleaner, local and/or cheaper power.
Step 2: Take action
With personalised daily tips and expert suggestions, PowerPal lets you know when the best and worst times to use power are, based on your goals.
Step 3: Success
Make small changes to energy use around these times, and earn cash to redeem on your bill or donate to one of our nominated charities.

Making small changes could be as simple as delaying your dishwasher until you go to bed or doing the laundry at a different time.

Long term value for what truly matters to you

Savings impact
You’ll have price consistency, no nasty surprises, and earn rewards when you're responsible with energy.
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Environmental impact
By using power when more renewable sources are available, you will actively decrease your carbon footprint. To be rewarded for doing that is a win-win!
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Community impact
We empower you to connect with friends, neighbours and peers to get even better outcomes together. Share best practices with other users and celebrate your collective impact.
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Whether you want to help save the environment, use local power or simply save money, P2 makes it easy for you to see an ongoing real impact.
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