Introducing PowerPal


Want to use more cleaner power or simply the cheapest power? 

The supply of clean power varies throughout the day meaning the time we use electricity can dramatically change the  impact we have on the climate.

Our new feature, "PowerPal," tells you when this counts so we can act together to create a better power society.

How it Works

“By rewarding people for using cleaner, cheaper and community oriented power we can all do our little bit to collectively tackle the big problems of climate change and social inequity. Now that is a win_ win_ (1).png

Get Started Today!

PowerPal can save you up to $236 a year!

It doesn’t take a lot of effort to start seeing results. People using this feature are already earning reward points. Why not join them, and help the environment or your local community without it hitting you in the pocket.


Solar Share and Save

P2 allows anyone to share the benefits of solar power, even if you’re renting or don’t have panels on your roof.

Whenever you use power, we find local generators nearby who are exporting renewable electricity to the grid at the same time.

We use smart meters to automatically find local sources of power for you every half hour. When there’s not enough local power to meet your needs the rest is supplied from traditional power stations.

As we prioritise this cheaper, locally produced energy, you avoid paying a higher grid price for a percentage of your power. If you have solar panels already, you are able to earn more for your exported power by selling it to your local community.