9 bad energy habits that may be costing you money


You receive your monthly power bill and your heart drops. How could it be higher than last month? Many homeowners fear a high bill but fail to understand that much of the extra energy footed on their power is as a result of small bad habits.



It couldn’t be easier to start making a difference. By making small changes, you’ll be well on your way in saving money and making this planet a better place for our communities and generations to come.


7 (and a bit) ways to reduce your power bill that you might not have thought of...

Do you ever get the feeling there are more things you could do to cut your power costs? Well, you’re right… here are a few small things you might not have considered when trying to reduce your bill.

No risk, only rewards - Take control of your bill this winter

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For many of us, winter time can create an electricity-induced anxiety. As the cold weather looms and the days shorten, we begin to worry that the extra heating and lighting we need will leave us a bit short. That’s why at P2 Power we want to help you reduce your power bill, but we’re doing it in a unique way...

Make the most of the mix - Access more renewable power

New Zealand, don’t be fooled by marketing gimmicks... the power you receive in your home is not 100% renewable. But, the ‘dirtiness’ of this mix can change quite substantially throughout the day, based on what sources are available at the time. With PowerPal you'll know the difference...


P2 Power Reaches 100,000kWh solar share MILESTONE!

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In 2015, P2 Power became one of the world’s first peer to peer electricity retailers. Today, we are proud to announce that the 200 participants in our solar energy exchange pilot have achieved a significant milestone...



We are excited to announce that we are expanding our service to Tauranga starting today!

P2Power (peer-to-peer power) enables you to buy and sell excess solar power within your local communities...