3 simple ways to use cleaner, cheaper
off-peak power and maximise your PowerPal rewards.


For many kiwis, the winter months of the year can often cause power bill anxiety. The need for heating in particular can easily increase your energy bill when the short days and colder weather lead us indoors.

Although NZ is supplied by 85% renewable energy, these evenings in particular lead to a lack of supply of clean, green energy and so unfortunately, ‘dirty’ fuel must be burned. This directly impacts carbon emissions and harms our environment.

At the end of the day, no one wants a cold home, which leads to a dilemma… use power and harm the environment or don’t use power but experience discomfort.

What if there was another way? There is...

Trying to cut power is not necessary if you focus on when you use power. Making small changes to use power at off-peak times can have a huge impact, and with PowerPal you are rewarded for doing just this.

Here are three key areas you focus on to delay your power usage to off-peak times and make the most of PowerPal.

1. Be smart with your heating

Despite the colder weather at night, the energy from the sun during the day can offer an opportunity to heat your home. Make the most of this free heating by throwing back the curtains while you’re away.

If you have a heat pump, you can use the timer to keep the heating off during the day and turn it up around 4pm to get it nice and warm ready to for your arrival home to a cosy house. Pull the curtains, enjoy this warmth and turn it down for a couple of hours to avoid the peak times.

Closing doors and heating one room can also have a huge impact. Use this opportunity to grab some chips and have a movie night with your family.

2. Cooking

Delay using the stove top by an hour to around 7pm to make use of cheaper energy. Use this time to maybe go out for a drink or even skip cooking altogether and treat your family to a takeaway.

Alternatively, you could save the hassle of cooking in the evening and set a slow roast or curry to cook during the day and make the most of off-peak power.

3. Delay your power-hungry appliances

Use the timer on your dishwasher to run when you go to bed to make use of cheaper/cleaner power. If you have a dual drawer dishwasher, you can choose to use the small drawer in the evening to get only the key dishes done at peak time.

Delaying doing your laundry to later hours, the next morning or even the weekend can have a huge impact also.