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New Zealand, don’t be fooled by marketing gimmicks... the power you receive in your home is not 100% renewable.

You see, no matter what power company you’re with, it’s all sourced from a giant ‘mixing pot’. The good news is this mix is mostly renewable - around 80% - but not all of it.

In fact, the ‘dirtiness’ of this mix can change quite substantially throughout the day, based on what sources are available at the time. If it’s dry, the wind isn’t blowing or demand is very high, more non-renewable fuel must be burned.

This directly impacts the carbon emissions and harm on our environment from your personal footprint (as well as how quickly the country invests in more renewables).

So if you’re looking to reduce your environmental impact, surely you would try to use power at these “clean” times, right?

But how? How could you possibly know when the mix of power is clean and when it is dirty?

With P2 Power, you’ll know the difference. Our intelligent PowerPal app tells you the best (and worst) times to use power. Not to mention, you’ll also be rewarded for using power during those times.

Acting on PowerPal’s suggestions can have a huge impact on your personal carbon footprint, and also your bill. Renewable energy is generally cheaper to produce than coal and diesel. Simply shift your power usage away from the bad times and and we’ll pass savings back to you.

Our customers love this combination of price consistency and the opportunity to save. Earn rewards when you're responsible with energy, all without the risk of high peak prices. You can get rebates on your bill or credit to donate to one of our supported charities. Nice!

But changing when you use power is a lot of effort right?

Not necessarily... you only need to make small changes. This could be as simple as delaying your dishwasher until you go to bed. In the PowerPal app we also provide expert suggestions so you can make the most of these “good” times.

Whether you want to use greener, local or simply cheaper power, PowerPal allows you to make a real positive difference.

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