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For many of us, winter time can create an electricity-induced anxiety. As the cold weather looms and the days shorten, we begin to worry that the extra heating and lighting we need will leave us a bit short.

A recent survey by Credit Simple revealed this unfortunate reality of “cold denial” amongst Kiwis. The fear that our bill will skyrocket keeping us from using power in winter is real.

This is far from ideal… who wants to live in a cold, unhealthy and dark home?!

That’s why at P2 Power we want to help you reduce your power bill, but we’re doing it in a unique way.

Simply put, you don’t necessarily have to cut your power usage if you focus on the time of day you use power.

The wholesale price of power and in some cases cost of lines charges, changes throughout the day. With our innovative PowerPal app, you’ll be notified of the times when the price is likely to be lower. You’ll have price consistency with a fixed price per unit, but if you use power during cheaper times we’ll pass savings back to you. All of this is without the unexpected peak prices. No risk, only rewards.

The extra good news? Renewable power is generally more affordable than dirtier coal or diesel sources so this cheaper power is usually also greener power !

With P2, you’ll have control to know when your bill is impacted with the added benefit of feeling good about your environmental impact - it’s a win-win.

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