Let’s face it, you’ve probably seen a million articles telling you how to reduce your power bill.

“Use the sun to heat your house.”

“Insulate your roof or ceiling.”

“Unplug appliances when not in use.”

They’re all completely valid techniques that will work, but do you ever get the feeling there are more things you could do?

Well, you’re right… here are a few small things you might not have considered when trying to cut your power costs.

1. Thaw frozen food in the fridge.

Looking to defrost that meat you got out of the freezer for tonight’s dinner? Don’t put it on the kitchen counter just yet…
Frozen items will still thaw effectively in the fridge. Plus, as they defrost there’s the added bonus that they’ll keep things cool in the fridge. Your fridge won’t have to work as hard, saving you a bit of cash.

2. Don’t place hot foods in a fridge.

On the other hand, you’ll want to make sure to allow hot foods to cool to room temperature before putting them in the fridge.

You’ll waste power if you rely on your fridge to work harder to cool it down.

3. Skip the dry cycle on your dishwasher.

Once your dishwasher has completed cleaning, it’s much cheaper to dry the load by simply turning the appliance off and opening the door.

The dishes will still dry effectively in the air and will save you power.

4. Use the cold setting on your washing machine

Detergents these days can be just as effective in cold water as they are in hot water.

Not to mention, you’ll save a lot on hot water heating… washing in hot water can use up to ten times more energy than cold! Plus warm water has a tendency to shrink your clothes so you’ll avoid this risk too.

5. Use the oven heat to warm up your house.

After using your oven in the winter, leave the oven door open slightly to let the warm air escape and heat up your home a bit more.

6. Meal prep.

Cooking multiple days meals at once means you’ll use the oven less. Plus, keeping the fridge and freezer full actually uses less energy.

This little effort of organisation will save you precious time throughout the week and power too.

7. Use power at different times of the day.


You don’t necessarily have to cut your power usage if you focus on the time of day you use power. With P2’s free PowerPal app, you’ll be notified of the times when the market price is likely to be lower.

You’ll have price consistency with a fixed price, but if you follow the suggestions, we’ll pass savings back to you. All of this is without the unexpected peak prices.


And finally, a few more (slightly unusual) ones from momentumenergy in Australia…

"I use my cat as a hot water bottle rather than boil water. She emits plenty of heat and enjoys the attention.”

“I generate organic energy. When I’m cold, I do twenty five push ups and sit ups. It’s green, and it keeps me lean.”

“Use night vision goggles so I don't have to turn on the lights at night."