Frequently Asked Questions

If your question isn’t answered here please get in touch with us by email or call us on 0800 364 872.

Why is P2 doing this?

As a small company, current market conditions have made it very difficult for us to make our power retail service viable. Our mission is to accelerate the adoption of renewable energy technology, and we believe there are more effective ways for us to pursue this.

Is P2 allowed to do this?

In accordance with clause 14.2 of our terms and conditions we are able to assign your contract with us to an alternative provider of the service provided this does not prejudice you. We believe Ecotricity will provide you a great service, but if you don’t agree you are more than welcome to choose a different power company.

What will happen to my PowerPal rewards?

We would recommend that you redeem your points now, any unused points will be forfeited.

What happens to my network discount?

Great news! You will still receive dividend payments as normal, this does not change with your new power company.

How do I close my account with P2?

You don’t need to do anything. We will send you a final invoice shortly after you have moved to your new power company, and we will Direct Debit this amount as normal.

Can I choose to move to someone other than Ecotricity?

Absolutely. You can do this before we transition you over to Ecotricity (on the 20th August 2019), or at any time after that. Just sign up with your preferred power company and they will do the rest.

Will my prices change?

Yes. Ecotricity’s prices are structured differently to ours. Their plans will work well for many of you, but maybe not for others. That’s why we recommend checking for your best option on the powerswitch website - it’s really easy.

What about solar pricing?

Ecotricity offer a buyback rate for solar. They also offer lower night rates in some areas, which will interest those of you with electric vehicles. Unfortunately they do not offer the SolarShare service that allows those of you who do not have solar panels to purchase solar power from those who do.

What payment options do Ecotricity have?

You can either pay by Bank Transfer or Direct Debit (you will need to set up a new arrangement with Ecotricity as your Direct Debit with us cannot be transferred). Billing is monthly, rather than the fortnightly arrangement you have with P2. Late payments incur a penalty.

What other fees do they charge?

You can view them here.

Where do I find Terms and Conditions for Ecotricity?

Residential and Business terms can be found on Ecotricity’s website.

Want to know more?

Check out Ecotricity's website.